The Chinese Association of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CACBT) is a multi-disciplinary organisation for people involved in research and practice of cognitive behaviour therapy.

CACBT was founded in late 2004 as a fully incorporated limited company registered in Hong Kong. Target membership is for health professionals involved in the research and practice of cognitive behaviour therapy.

CACBT is a non-profitable organisation. All credits and assets to the Association will be utilized and re-invested in the advancement of CBT in Hong Kong. CACBT is also in the process of applying for the status of a Charitable Organisation.

The objects for which the Association is established are as follows:

(a) to advance the theory and practice of psychological interventions subsumed under the realm of cognitive and behavioural psychotherapies, hereinafter referred to as °•Cognitive Behaviour Therapy°¶;

(b) to advocate and to promote the application of experimental methodology, established psychological theories and learning principles to the assessment and modification of behaviour in a wide variety of settings;

(c) to promote awareness of, and adherence to, internationally accepted good practice standards of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy;

(d) to make representation and present submission for any cause consistent with the objects of the Association to any governmental or regulatory authority or any other body, association or organisation;

(e) to co-ordinate, liaise, co-operate or make any kind of arrangements with any other corporation, body, association or organisation, and with any governmental or regulatory authority and with other organisations related or interested in any way with the objects of the Association, and to foster opportunities and facilities for the development of such co-ordination, liaison and co-operation;

(f) to promote research, studies, surveys, investigations and discussions of any nature in connection with any aspect of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and to encourage and aid in the publication and public dissemination of results of any such research, studies, surveys, investigations or discussions.

Advancement of CBT in Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, CBT is being recognized as the psychological treatment of choice for a wide range of problems, in particular, anxiety disorders and mood disorders. Systematic and formal training in CBT is lacking, and the post-graduate curriculum often devotes insufficient time to cover both the breadth and the depth of this intervention approach. Health care practitioners often rely on brief overseas trainings or distant supervision schemes for the learning of CBT, which are inevitably piecemeal, unsystematic, and difficult for participants to put into a coherent conceptual and treatment context.

Founding Members of CACBT are experienced clinical psychologists and psychiatrists with special interest and expertise in CBT. Our close liaison with reputable CBT centres from around the world is a testimony of our commitment to high quality and professional practice. Some of us were trained at the Beck Institute of Cognitive Therapy and Research, and the Institute of Psychiatry in London. We keep very close contacts with reputable CBT trainers around the world so that our knowledge on theory and practice of CBT is kept abreast of current advances.

We envisage a continual advancement of good CBT practice in Hong Kong through the running of systematic training courses. Prominent overseas scholars and trainers of CBT will be invited each year to run workshops so that members will be informed of the most recent advances in the theory and practice of CBT.

Advancement of CBT in China
From 2000 onwards, we have been maintaining close contacts with the Mental Health Institute of the Central South University in Hunan, China. Through our professorial appointments to the Central South University, we have started a systematic training scheme on CBT around China, which included training courses in Changsha, Hangzhou, and Xian. We found that in order for CBT teaching to be effective, it is important to run a systematic curriculum covering basic experimental psychopathology, disorder-specific formulations, and technique training augmented with live demonstrations.

Our contacts with Chinese tertiary institutions are growing. With Hong Kong situating in a strategic geographical location adjacent to Mainland China, our Association serves as an ideal springboard for CBT scholars from overseas to visit and to carry out academic exchange with psychiatrists and psychologists in China.

The potential for CBT development in Mainland China is enormous and forever growing.

Our International Advisors
CACBT prides itself for its reputable list of international advisors. Our Honorary Advisors include David Barlow, Aaron Beck, Dinesh Bhugra, Elizabeth Kuipers, Li Lingjiang, Cory Newman, Christine Padesky, Stanley Rachman and Paul Salkovskis.

Advantages of being a CACBT Member

On becoming a member to CACBT, you will be joining an association of high international reputation and standards. You will enjoy special members' discounts for courses and workshops. You will have a common platform and forum to exchange ideas and experience from like-minded practitioners. As a member, you also make allegiance to ensuring good practice standards in CBT. You also assure what you provide to your clients and consumers will be methods and techniques which are ethical and to the best of their interests.



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